Finding the ikigai in the everyday ordinary.

Ikigai: Japanese concept of living a life with opennesses and purpose.

The following pages embody my personal Ikigai, my raison d’être. Herein lies a catalog of elevated yet humble recipes to nourish body and soul; interwoven with artistic visions of imbuing one’s dwelling with beauty through meticulous, thoughtful living. My creations manifest the harmony between aesthetics, utility, and an appreciation for modest magnificence that often goes overlooked.

This is an invitation to soak in life’s subtle glories and overlooked elegance so they may nourish your deeper senses. To prepare food and home with the eye of an artisan – so they transcend function and become poetry for living. I beckon you to join me in this journey towards a marriage of style, substance, and sublime meaning radiating through a life lived passionately, purposefully, in each present moment. Discover what it means to truly dwell, nourish, thrive

living ikigai recipe and home decor blog

voyaging photographer whose visual devotion

lies in unveiling grace, whether subsisting amidst foreign marvels or dwelling undetected within familiar walls. Through deliberate and discerning eyes, she illuminates the aesthetic potentials hidden beneath common facades.

This journal offers a portal into Miss Tran’s world – one meticulously curated to marry beauty and purpose within the events of daily living. Her keen gaze transforms the overlooked into artistic fascinations; her intentional hands elevate basics of hearth and home into ceremonial fare. She beckons those who feel the pangs for more essence from their existence – come soak your senses and spirits in elevated yet humble aesthetics that unlock life’s overshadowed splendor.

For Coco Tran, photography and travel became passageways leading inward towards the elegance of mindful living. She now guides others down these paths in their own domestic realms. Follow her photographic interludes into breathtaking vistas overseas; then return home to witness familiar spaces resurrected into striking art direction through her visual mastery. Whether traversing outer continents or rediscovering your inner sanctum, here awaits inspiration and sustenance – for the eyes, body and deeper soul alike.

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